Welkom bij Doré Projects and Support

Services for the Leisure Industrie:

  • Maintenance support
  • Projectleader 
  • Supervisor 
  • Mechanic
  • Building amusement rides
  • Dismanteling

Doré projects and Support has over 18 years of experience in the leisure industrie.


  • Safety is a paramount of importance
  • Independent
  • Reliable
  • Flexibel
  • Reporting
  • VCA certified


  • Winter Rehabs on rollercoastertrains and tracks.
  • Upgrade from La via Volta to Speed of Sound Walibi Holland
  • Winter rehabs and Maintenance of several amusementrides(Huss, Zierer, Vekoma, Intamin,Mack)
  • Reporting Maintenance activities
  • Setup Maintenance programms for rides(checklist,preventive maintenance schedule)
  • Setup Maintenance management system
  • Support with Testing and Commissioning
  • Support with Certification and legal verification by Law(NEN13814) and independent inspection company(TUV, AIB)
  • Dismanteling Amusement rides
  • Projectmanagement


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Doré Projects and Support works according to the Metaalunie Conditions 


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